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Corp Goth's work attire [Aug. 31st, 2008|09:59 pm]


[Current Music |Derniére Volontè ~ Au Travers Des Lauriers]

I've changed careers once more and went from fashion industry and their laid-back attitude regarding my looks to an office job as a recruiter. Quite needless to say that I had next to zero to wear. My new company is business casual and I can still get away with lace, velvet and floor-length skirts, but it's always fun to create and experiment with new styles, isn't it?
So, I won't bore you any further but introduce you to the items I've made so far

Ready-made from a store-bought, ugly-as-hell blouse-dress hybrid:

A Burda pattern...their first that turned out ok enough to be worn, actually; their sizes and my physique tend to clash ;. This one needs dyeing though, it's just not my style. Too rockabilly, too sweet for an elderly Goth like me:

Chiffon circle skirt and underskirt:

I'm not sure whether I posted this one before. Meet the skirt my fiancè named "Marcus" ;) (pattern by me):

I guess I am getting there. :)

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