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Bavarian Born Gothics [Oct. 3rd, 2008|12:44 pm]


So, there was this company event at Munich's Oktoberfest...and we were asked to wear Bavarian national costumes aka "Dirndl". Quite naturally, my closet does not hold one of these, for I never attend the "Wies'n" under normal circumstances. And since my full-time job did not give me the time to sew a Dirndl from scratch, I got one dirt-cheap off ebay and modified it.

This is where I started:

And this is where things ended, after some 100 hrs of work and countless modifications (dye, trim and ribbons, mainly) and add-ons:

A detailed shot of the beautiful dragonfly-ey lace trim (combined with satin on most of the seams):

I also made a matching choker:

...and added a few bats here and there...apron:

...and zipper (I straightened the wire and closed the eyelets more tightly, this is just the first version):

Worn with knee-high lace-up boots, I felt "myself" enough to have a blast at the Oktoberfest...something I would not have thought possible when I first tried the commercial version on and felt nothing but silly and inappropriately dressed. My colleagues loved the dress, too, I got lots of compliments on it. So yes, I am content. :)


[User Picture]From: unluckycharms13
2008-10-03 04:05 pm (UTC)
beautiful! what a great improvement over the original piece.
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